We offer full service editing of scientific, technical and medical manuscripts with particular focus on biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematical sciences, physics, earth and environmental sciences, and medicine. We guarantee that edited manuscripts will meet the standards required for publication in the world's biggest publishing houses.


Manuscripts that have been typeset often contain errors introduced during typesetting. Our proofreaders do a line edit to check for typos and formatting errors, and may do light editing to check for grammar and consistency.


Our pre-editing service helps publishers prepare manuscripts for copyediting by ensuring that papers are in the proper format and that required information is available for a complete manuscript.


We provide high-quality copyediting services, both technical and/or substantive, that meet publisher standards. Our copyeditors are experienced and knowledgeable in various style guides and manuals used in the scientific and academic publishing community. Our in-house and freelance copyeditors go through rigorous qualifying processes that guarantee high quality work.

Professional layouting

Our talented team of graphics artists also provides professional layouting services using either QuarkExpress or Adobe InDesign. Our services include prepress layouting, layout design, page layouting, typesetting and formatting, magazine layouting, and book layouting. By outsourcing your layouting requirements to us, you can significantly reduce costs and get access to layouting professionals at a quick turnaround time.

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